Haven't received your 2021 ticket?

All tickets for 2021 have been issued end of April. Please check your spam. If you haven't received it, please contact your group leader (5 person-tickets) or send us your email address to be included in the mailing list.

Cannot come to the festival?

According to the latest German federal laws, you can claim a voucher for the event which will take place on May 13-16th, 2021. The voucher is valid for any other future dance event or workshop. Find more info here. To do so, please send your voucher claim via email with the subject "BBZU Voucher Claim" and your full name. You can also sell your ticket and we will change the name for free.

Bought a T-Shirt / Bag?

T-Shirts and Bags are still with us, we will issue them as soon as we can see us in person again. 🙂

Will the artists still be on board in 2021?

Up until now, all artists have confirmed the presence for 2021. However, their travel plans can always vary especially since all artists live in uncertain circumstances, but so far we are extremely glad that everyone can be on board.

Will the locations be the same?

We have the confirmation from Bebop that for next year, the event location will be all ours! Prepare yourself for an amazing all-in-one event in Kreuzberg, the heart of Berlin.